Research Interests

I am the Director of the Andrew Electromagnetics Laboratory.

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My research interests include

  • Radar Systems Ground penetrating radar, Radio Frequency Tomography, Propagation models of the electromagnetic field in complex environments, Inversion methods for inverse scattering problems, Multipath effects


  • Antenna design Vector antennas for direction of arrival applications and/or improved communication channel capacity


  • Computation of special functions Maliuzhinets functions, Mathieu functions, Oblate and prolate spheroidal functions


  • Electromagnetic scattering High-frequency methods: Physical Optics, Geometrical Theory of Diffraction, Uniform Theory of Diffraction, Incremental Theory of Diffraction; Analytical solutions of canonical scattering problems


  • Electromagnetic measurements Measurement of antenna properties, Measurements to validate electromagnetic scattering theories


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Interaction of high-power ultrawideband electromagnetic pulses (HEMP) with digital systems, Electromagnetic shielding, Penetration of electromagnetic fields into cavities


  • Wireless Communications Methods for the propagation of the electromagnetic field in complex environments, ray tracing.


  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Fast computation of the distribution of the radiofrequency field (B1+) in ultra-high MRI applications, Fast computation of temperature effects due to the radiofrequency field (B1+)

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